Sunday, 16 January 2011

Unblock A Toilet Without A Plunger (Using A Toilet Brush and Some Plastic Bags)

This one sounds like a nasty joke you'd play on someone but it really does work.

We won't even discuss how your toilet became blocked in the first place but we've all been there.

We'll join the story where you're looking down at a toilet filled with ... water ... and you want it unblocked as soon as possible. However, if there's no plunger in the house what do you do?

1) Get an ordinary mop or toilet brush

2) Wrap the head of the mop in a plastic bag (like you'd bring your shopping home in)

3) If you have more plastic bags keep adding them until you've used three or four bags to cover the mop head or toilet brush

4) If you have a bit of string tie the tops (the handle end) around the mop or brush handle

5) Proceed to push this down firmly into the blocked toilet bowl

6) Repeat until unblocked

When I first tried this I couldn't believe it would work but trying this was worth it when weighed against leaving the toilet blocked.

It seems that the plastic bags form an air tight seal around whatever's in the bowl and act even better than a regular plunger.


  1. A* for the poster! This post saved me a small fortune calling out a plumber!

    Thank you!

  2. Thank you! worked when the wire/plunger failed!!

  3. The wire hanger just did the job..well who needs a man or a plumber??Gals rock I did it!

  4. I'll be stuffed! 3 shopping bags and a small toilet brush.

    That can't work!

    Yes it can!!

  5. juat did this of my own back and looked it up it working thought i would give kudos to whom ever posted this idea ive tried everything other than a plummer over night chems soaps oven cleaner bleach my hand coat hanger brush by its self this works the best !!!!!

  6. When there are possibilities instead of using a plunger why I should go for one?

    Undoubtedly your post is great but all kind of problems are not going to solve like this. When there is a difficult toilet issue and you are trying with this tactise it may not work as well. So what should you do then? Calling a plumber will loses money for you but if you have the best toilet plunger you can do the stuff easily at your own.